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09:30am 18/11/2009
The AI in Left 4 Dead 2 is starting to piss me off. The enemies react great, it is the computer controlled teammates that are driving me nuts. They suck, big time. I haven't had a chance to play with any of my friends yet, so I am stuck with the AI, and it is hurting me. They love to stop and kill every zombie, yet even though I end up getting way ahead of them and separated (there are time you are supposed to hurry to shut off an alarm that is making more zombies come your way), I kill about twice as many zombies as they do. Combine this with the fact that the Director has a tendency to throw multiple boss zombies at you at the same time and suddenly I seem to be less concerned with friendly fire. I love the game so far, many of the changes are very good, and I can understand having changed the AI so that it isn't a boss sharp shooting machine. But for goodness sakes, when one of the many bosses that can pin me has done so... FUCKING SHOOT IT! (I yelled this many times last night)
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